The Highlights of Makassar Tourism

Exactly what is it that makes makassar tourism kind of different from other places found in Indonesia? Well, that is a question somewhat tricky to answer, really. Comparing the city to others in Indonesia would be pointless as it is pretty much the same. But if there is one thing that sets it apart from the others is the level of recognition it receives in terms of its potential of becoming Indonesia’s top travel destination. Makassar has the right compositions to grow into tourists’ darling: it is figuratively drenched in history, it is one of the biggest cities in the country and as such it features modern facilities, it has tropical islands, it sports a great shoreline that boasts fantastic beaches, and its cuisines are comparable to those of other parts of the country. So, what gives, then? The problem lies on the fact that Bali singlehandedly overshadows every potential Makassar has (and other less pronounced travel destinations in Indonesia as well). Bali is so popular globally that every place in Indonesia struggles to be on the same level as it is.

But we’re not here to focus on that. Makassar has grown to become well-known enough that the presence of makassar tourism guide is practically important for anyone seeking to have a holiday experience different from what they used to.

Some of the biggest publications out there (either online or print) have started to acknowledge Makassar’s potentials. Take makassar tourismtripadvisor for example. As a leading source for travel information these days, Tripadvisor has now featured a page dedicated to discussions regarding what to expect once arriving at Makassar. This is a testament to the growing popularity the city begins to enjoy lately. The city, however, needs some more preps before fully maturing into world-class travel destination. Hospitality as a sector of industry in Makassar still needs restructuring given the fact that most people in the city can barely grasp English as primary language for an international-graded destination. Infrastructures such as the roads and the streets may also need more attention seeing that some of the places in the or around the city have just gained attention as of lately. Poor exposure to those places causes lack of documentation and it is probable that even the locals have just realized the potential those places have in becoming tourist attractions. Anyhow, rather than delving even deeper into the technicality of tourism industry, let’s just focus back on what becomes the highlights of the city for you to look forward to. Below listed some of the best attractions you need to make sure you don’t miss:

  1. Trans Studio Makassar,
  2. Losari Beach,
  3. Fort Rotterdam,
  4. Paotere Harbor,
  5. Malino Tea Plantation,
  6. KodingarengKeke Island,
  7. Makassar Great Mosque,
  8. Bugis Waterpark,
  9. Akkarena Beach,
  10. Al Fathih Al Anshar Mosque,
  11. SombaOpu Fortress,
  12. Ratu Indah Mall,
  13. Takapala Waterfall,
  14. Prince Diponegoro’s Tomb,
  15. Mandala Monument,
  16. Cemetery Complex of Tallo Kings,
  17. The Tomb of Sheik Yusuf,
  18. Panakkukang Mall,
  19. Laikang Bay, and
  20. KetemuJodoh Waterfall

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