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How To Make The Perfect Carbonara

Most people who have been in Italy will agree with me when I say that this amazing country is very popular because of it’s breathtaking views and rich culture. But in my opinion what makes Italy really great is the food. When it comes to Italian culture, food is always on the top of their list. Who would say no to Italy’s most famous brioche cr?mes with a warm cup of espresso? Or how about bonding with your friends and loved ones over a glass of red wine? To top it all of, it is also in Italy where you will find the best kind of pizza and garlic bread.

Your options will never be limited when it comes to Italian cuisine. It is no secret that spaghetti carbonara is one of Italy’s most famous dishes. Carbonara is the perfect comfort food given the fact that it is very tasty and easy to make.

The meaning of carbonara is “charcoal burner”. The very first people who have tried this delicious treat are the charcoal workers in the Apennine Mountains. To make this tasty dish, you will need pasta and pancetta or even America’s favorite bacon. This dish originated in Rome but is well-known all over the globe.

The very first thing you will notice when you eat carbonara is it’s creamy texture. But believe it or not, cream is not an ingredient of the traditional carbonara. If you are not a fan of spaghetti, there are also other types of pasta that will make an excellent substitute. If you’re feeling adventurous, you even have the choice to make your own pasta. You just need to find that sticky consistency of your dough in order for it to run through the pasta maker.

There are plenty of websites that will teach you how to make the perfect type of pasta, some of which are MakeBestPasta, PastaMasters, and PastaRecipes. Out of all the websites I have mentioned, MakeBestPasta is the most popular. Aside from the fact that their recipes in MakeBestPasta are delicious, they are also very easy to follow. Below is an easy recipe you can follow from MakeBestPasta.

What are the ingredients you need?

Extra virgin olive oil (5 tablespoons)

1 cup of diced pancetta or bacon

Unsalted butter (3 tablespoons)

Pecorino cheese (freshly grated)

4 eggs

Chopped parsley (4 tablespoons)

2 cups of spaghetti or any pasta of your choice.

Season with salt and pepper

The first step is to heat your oil together with your butter on a frying pan. As soon as you see that you butter melts, you can now add your pancetta or bacon. Stir occasionally until your meat becomes crispy.

Mix your eggs and half of your cheese and whisk. Do not forget to add black pepper.

Once your pasta is cooked, you may now add the pancetta or bacon. After this, it is now time to add the egg mixture. Stir until you see a creamy coating.

Finally, season with salt and pepper.

If you want to make more delicious pasta recipes, don’t forget to visit MakeBestPasta.

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